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Several years ago a young girl spent countless hours in and out of doctors’ offices searching for an explanation for what seemed like a never ending battle with illness. The chronic migraines, digestive “distress,” bone pain and fatigue transformed the once bright and bubbly child into a chronically ill child who languished on the couch rather than enjoying her previous sports and activities. One day the little girl’s mother was home with the exact same symptoms when she read a magazine article about Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease. It was absolutely an “Aha” moment! She knew gluten must be the root of all of their problems.

From that day forward, Denise Fries has dedicated countless hours to increasing awareness about Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease.  With Texas A&M University in their backyard, Denise knew she could enlist the help of Nutrition and Food Science majors to research everything involved in starting the bakery. In 2010 she hired a classically trained pastry chef to develop recipes. After tinkering and tasting hundreds of versions of gluten free treats the product line was developed and Taylor Made Gluten Free Bakery opened its doors in November 2010. Now a team of dedicated, talented and motivated young people spend their time creating delicious foods for your family to enjoy. Today, with the inspiration from her daughter Taylor and all the families she met in the support group she founded, Taylor Made Gluten Free Bakery shares the wonderful recipes they have developed with anyone seeking Healthy Happiness.

Isabel McPartlin – Owner

Her story coming soon…

Carmen Sher – Manager

Carmen is a South Carolina native who relocated to Texas in 2011. Carmen was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at 14 years old. Upon moving to the BCS area she found Taylor Made Gluten Free and became a regular customer. She joined the team in 2015 as Assistant Baker and now is excited to continue on as Bakery Manager. She is passionate about providing safe, delicious gluten free food to customers who have been sick like her. Carmen has 7 years of experience in the food service industry with 3 years of manager experience. She and her husband welcomed their first baby to the world in 2017. Since Celiac Disease is hereditary, Carmen is thankful that in the event that her daughter has Celiac too, bakeries like Taylor Made exist to provide everyone a chance to feel and eat like a “normal” person.